Tuesday, June 21, 2005


first daily update.

-I did a little bit of work.
-Since today is Tuesday. And its New Release Day I brought the uncut version of American Psycho on dvd. Hopefully I'll watch that sometime this week.
-Before I got the dvd I saw a few Batman the animated series shows and a couple of Friends.
- What I also got and have been listening to since i got it is Dropkick Murphy's "The Warrior's Code".
That cd is too fucking good. Its one of their best. Can't wait to see them at warped.


Blogger bobita said...

haha daily, your so silly.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Riky said...

Bello questo post riguardo a W.S.C , mi raccomando little bit ugly , cerca di tenere aggiornato questo blog che sembra uno dei pochi interessanti! Vorrei segnalarti il mio sito che parla di scommesse online . Solo le migliori informazioni inerenti alle scommesse online !

8:59 PM  

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